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Wood flooring comes in a vast array of profiles, colors and wood species. Homeowners need to select which style suits their finances, inside décor and maintenance customs. One of the most significant decisions to make involves stained wood flooring vs organic wood flooring, and this option affects everything in the longevity of your hardwood floors to the air of your home. Consider your options by taking a look at the benefits of either side of the debate.

On Trend - Stained Wood Flooring

Can you frequently browse home design websites or flip through décor magazines? You will see that the latest interior design trends lean heavily toward hardwood and engineered timber floors. This kind of stained wood floor provides instant drama in any area. Prefinished within a variety of stain colors, dark stained hardwood delivers a no-fuss finish that is durable and affordable.

Staining wood floors also enables homeowners to mimic a certain type of wood. Are you seeking the feeling of a gorgeous o…